Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Revolution in Business

Short Message Service or simply the SMS is a revolution of mobile phone industry. SMS are often called the Text Message. SMS started to get huge popularity during the initial days of 21 century. After seeing the rapid popularity of SMS, companies decided to do marketing of their product through SMS. But since they are targeting a large mass to whom they will start to campaign about their product. So it will be an irritable situation to send SMS to the people individually. They started to think about some tool by which they will be able to send the promotional SMS in bulk to campaign about their product. Following this idea a new concept was developed called ‘Bulk Short Message Service’ or the ‘Bulk SMS’.

In this short article you will come to know about some basics of Bulk SMS, its features, and some of its general information. At first you should know the definition of ‘Bulk SMS’. In short ‘Bulk SMS’ is a special type of system by which an institution or an organization becomes able send or receive a large volume of SMS i.e. SMS in a bulk. That’s why this concept is known as the ‘Bulk SMS’. The Bulk SMS do follow a special channel of particular bandwidth limitation. Delivery reports can also be gathered if the Bulk SMS sender wishes to gather.

Now, followings are the some important features of Bulk SMS for you. The most obvious and useful feature of Bulk SMS could be found from its name. A single SMS could be sent to number of users using the concept of ‘Bulk SMS’. The Bulk SMS sender could set the number of recipients. The number of recipient may be set to 1 or to some other huge digit. A unique sender Identification tag or ID Brand is generated for each and every user. Every time the sender has to use that ID brand while sending Bulk SMS.

The group functionality is also an important feature of the ‘Bulk SMS’ service. The reputed companies are using the ‘Bulk SMS’ system to promote their product due to its low cost nature. It is seemed that the cost of sending Bulk SMS in million is 20% to 30% less than the printed media campaigning. The network coverage of these types of ‘Bulk SMS’ operator is quite good and the network area is also very huge.

Now some of the basic and common advantages of ‘Bulk SMS’ system for you! Though this service has the biggest use in field of product promotion by companies, though it can be used in some other purposes too. This system can be used to send number of messages to the cellular phones of many individuals at any instant. The other advantage is the low cost factor that is mentioned already earlier in this article. These days bulk sms, SMS Messaging to friends are becoming a favourite time pass to youth.

Now, if you want host a business and want to campaign your own product in the mass you may go for the ‘Bulk SMS’ system because this is a latest weapon in the field of business competition.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is Demography

Demography is the statistical study of all populations. It can be a very general science that can be applied to any kind of dynamic population, that is, one that changes over time or space (see population dynamics). It encompasses the study of the size, structure and distribution of populations, and spatial and/or temporal changes in them in response to birth, migration, aging and death.

Demographic analysis can be applied to whole societies or to groups defined by criteria such as education, nationality, religion and ethnicity. In academia,demography is often regarded as a branch of either anthropology, economics, or sociology. Formal demography limits its object of study to the measurement of populations processes, while the more broad field of social demography population studies also analyze the relationships between economic, social, cultural and biological processes influencing a population

Sunday, December 20, 2009


An entrepreneur is a person who has possesion of a new enterprise, venture or idea, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcnme.
According to Richard Cantillon, an Irish Economist, entrepreneur is a term applied to the type of personality who ir willing to take up in him/herself a new venture or enterprise.
Jean BAPTISTE Say a french economist, believed to have coined the word entrepreneur first in about 1800. He said an entrepreneur is one who undertakes an enterprise, especially a contractor, acting as an intermidiary between capital and labour.
More of the Article is coming sooN!..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nigeria's Population

Basically, as at the last population census conducted in 2005/2006, Nigeria's population was estimated to be 140 million. This in some countries is regarded as OVER-POPULATION while in other it is Under-POPULATION depending on the available natural resources. Where the available resources is greater than the population, it is regarded as Under-Population and vice vesa. But considering the Nigeria case, we have more than enough resources that can cater for everyone and we still lack them.
It's only nigeria that i've seen that has fish and give other fishermen fishes but his households stil lack fishes.

Below shows Nigeria Population by state
  (1) Kano State                  9,383,682  
  (2) Lagos State                 9,013,534 
  (3) Kaduna State              6,066,562
  (4) Katsina State              5,792,578      
  (5) Oyo State                   5,591,589          
  (6) Rivers State                5,185,400
  (7) Bauchi State               4,676,465      
  (8) Jigawa State               4,348,649
  (9) Benue State                4,219,244
(10) Anambra State           4,182,032   
(11) Borno State                4,151,193
(12) Delta State                 4,098,391
(13) Imo State                   3,934,899
(14) Niger State                 3,950,249
(15) Akwa Ibom State       3,920,208
(16) Ogun State                 3,728,098    
(17) Sokoto State              3,696,999
(18) Ondo State                3,441,024
(19) Osun State                 3,423,535  
(20) Kogi State                 3,278,487         
(21) Zamfara State            3,259,846
(22) Enugu State               3,257,298 
(23) Kebbi State               3,238,628     
(24) Edo State                  3,218,332
(25) Plateau State             3,178,712    
(26) Adamawa State        3,168,101
(27) Cross River State     2,888,966
(28) Abia State                2,833,999
(29) Ekiti State                 2,384,212
(30) Kwara State            2,371,089 
(31) Gombe State           2,353,879
(32) Yobe State              2,321,591
(33) Taraba State            2,300,736
(34) Ebonyi State            2,173,501
(35) Nasarawa State       1,863,275
(36) Bayelsa State           1,703,358
- Abuja Federal Capital Territory 1,405,201

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